AnyXmeans is a community organization dedicated to providing children of color differentiated life skills. We intend to establish clarity, confidence, and collaboration among youth living in inner-cities. We maintain a work environment that is honest, open-minded, artistic, and relevant with the well- intentions of our youth at the center. We will identify and sustain our culture by any means necessary.

                            Core Values

Develop coping skills/self-awareness
Children will develop affirmations/mantras to accompany their mindfulness practice

Health education (exercise, food, sex)
Children will know how to keep their bodies ready for battle

Knowledge of self
Children will know where they come from, where they are, and where they are going

 Public speaking, poetry, music, graffiti, ART in general
Children will have the tools necessary to express themselves freely and honestly

Community engagement, politics, movement
Children will be well informed of the laws of the land and know how to ignite change