Our Mission.

REIMAGINE Artist Development by helping artists create sustainable careers without compromising their values.

Our Community Impact.


Artists served locally and internationally.

8+ Years

Organizing community events in Oakland, CA.


Founded and lead by Queer & BIPOC artists.

Who We Are.

ANYxMEANS is a dynamic collective of passionate creatives dedicated to transforming the landscape of the music industry... by ANY MEANS necessary.

With a diverse range of backgrounds, from musicians to activists, we come together to amplify the voices of independent artists. Our team is driven by a shared commitment to nurturing artists' creativity, well-being, and career sustainability.

What Wo Do.

Entrepreneurship: Holistic Artist Development

Our Holistic Artist Development program balances mindfulness and business acumen.

Most artists lack a connection with WHO (inner-self), WHAT (quality music), and HOW (business skills) to grow their hobby into a sustainable career.

At ANYxMEANS, we help artists reimagine WHO, create the WHAT, and show them HOW. When an artist has all three, their business grows sustainably.

Community Events: FLUID Open Mic

FLUID Open Mic is an Oakland, CA based platform uniting Queer & BIPOC artists to express their talents and foster community bonds. We embrace music's healing power in virtual and in-person settings, making FLUID the ideal platform to showcase talents and connect with engaged audiences.

Youth Programs: Know Yourself Workshop

Know Yourself is an immersive youth workshop using dance and music, two pillars in our community, as tools to reinforce mindfulness as a sense of well-being, love, and respect for themselves and their peers.

We empower musicians to create impactful music while maintaining their mental and emotional health. Through collaboration, mentorship, and a holistic approach, we equip artists with the tools they need to flourish both creatively and professionally.

Why We Do It.

We believe that music is the heart and soul of our culture, a powerful force that can drive change and inspire unity. However, the current music industry often leaves artists struggling to make ends meet, compromising their mental health and artistic integrity.

We're here to change that narrative. By supporting artists' well-being and career growth, we not only enrich their lives but also contribute to a healthier, more vibrant musical landscape that resonates with us all.

Our Fiscal Sponsor.

ANYxMEANS is proud to have Hip Hop For The People as our fiscal sponsor. Founded by Khafre Jay, they are a dynamic force in grassroots activism, using the power of Hip Hop Culture to educate about socio-economic injustices and propose solutions.

Together, we fight to empower historically oppressed communities through programs that embody the core values of Hip Hop Culture: peace, love, unity, and having fun.

Meet Our Team

Helping artists create sustainable careers without compromising their values.

Mandela "Msanii" Baylis

Founder + Creative Director

Mandela Msanii, a San Francisco native raised in Oakland CA, is a versatile artist, activist, and mentor merging music, healing, and entrepreneurship.

Founding ANYxMEANS in 2015 to empower QTBIPOC artists, he leads workshops and events advocating holistic rehabilitation for Black individuals through community projects and empowerment.

Kevin "KaySuave" Foster

Executive Director

KaySuave has focused on serving artists through Music Production, Audio Engineering, and Entrepreneurship since 2014.

As the E.D. at ANYxMEANS, his musical journey began with R&B and Jazz, leading to his piano skills and a purpose-driven approach to showcase positive representation of Black creatives through his work.

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