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Empowering Independent Artists' Journey Towards Sustainability

The Average Person Streams 750 Songs Every Month.

Did you know that your daily streams only pay an average of $0.10 to artists, with just $0.01 reaching local independent artists?

As a result, they struggle to cover basic necessities, essential studio sessions and holistic resources like yoga and therapy.

It's time to balance this equation and support artists in an entirely new way.

Your donation helps artists in our cohort achieve sustainability by providing them with paid studio time and access to holistic services today.

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Streaming Offset Program.

$300 / month
Equal to 69,767 Streams

Thank you so much for inspiring the students. You helped them open up and find community with each other. I really hope the energy from the room spreads throughout the school.

$150 / month
Equal to 34,883 Streams

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$75 / month
Equal to 17,441 Streams

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FLUID Open Mic

Fluid Open Mic is a dynamic and inclusive platform that weaves together creativity, expression, and community. It's not your typical open mic event – it's a community experience that embraces diverse voices and talents.

All Styles Welcome

Our stage is a canvas for artists from various backgrounds, ages, and artistic genres to share their stories, thoughts, and emotions. From music to spoken word, comedy to storytelling, Fluid Open Mic provides a safe and welcoming space where artists can pour out their hearts and minds without judgment.

Perform with Confidence

We believe that creativity knows no boundaries, and that's why we encourage artists to push their limits, experiment, and express themselves freely. Whether you're a seasoned performer or stepping onto the stage for the first time, Fluid Open Mic is your platform to shine. Our audience is as vibrant as our performers – people who appreciate the power of creativity.

Know Yourself Camp:

Youth Program

Know Yourself Camp is more than just a program; it's a transformative journey that empowers youth through the expressive arts of dance and music. These two pillars hold significant meaning in our community, and we harness their power to foster mindfulness, well-being, love, and respect among their peers.

Mindfulness with Music

Music serves as the heartbeat of the workshop, syncing with participants' emotions and creating a safe space for exploration. Through various musical activities, participants learn to harness the emotive qualities of sound, finding resonance between their inner worlds and the external rhythms.

Mindfulness with Dance

In partnership with SF International Hip Hop DanceFest, this practice fosters self-acceptance and an understanding of the power of their bodies. Dance is a universal language that allows youth to express their emotions, cultivating mindfulness as they tune into their bodies and connect with the present moment.

Know Yourself Camp: For Schools

Are you an educator seeking innovative ways to enrich your students' lives? Our Know Yourself: Workshop is the answer you're looking for.

By hosting this workshop in your classroom or afterschool program, you can provide your students with a unique opportunity to discover their inner selves while building valuable life skills.

Contact us today to learn more about bringing the transformative "Know Yourself" experience to your educational setting. Together, let's nurture confident, mindful, and self-respecting individuals.

Open School

Portland, Oregon

"Within minutes they were able to engage with the students and 100% of the them felt comfortable enough to share some really intimate thoughts and experiences."

- Michael Navarro

Arts & Technology High School

Wilsonville, Oregon

"Thank you so much for inspiring the students. You helped them open up and find community with each other. I really hope the energy from the room spreads throughout the school."

- Laura West

Holistic Artist Development.

Reimagine WHO, Create WHAT, and Learn HOW.

Most artists struggle with a fragmented approach to their career. They often lack a connection with WHO they are, WHAT their music represents, and HOW to manage their business.

At ANYxMEANS, we help artists reimagine WHO they are, create WHAT they believe in, and show them HOW to build a sustainable music career.

100% FREE for the Artists in our Cohort.

Self-Care: Discover WHO You Are Inside

Our program starts by helping artists connect with their inner selves. Self-care is the foundation of a successful career.

Through introspective exercises and guidance, artists uncover their unique strengths, passions, and purpose, aligning their music with their true selves.

Art Creation: Create WHAT You Believe In

Artists are taken through a transformative journey of music creation. We emphasize quality and authenticity, encouraging artists to pour their true essence into every note.

Our mentors guide artists through their studio sessions to craft music that resonates deeply with their audience, fostering a meaningful connection.

Business Launchpad: Learn HOW to Sustain Your Passion

Transitioning from a passion to a sustainable career requires business skills. Our program equips artists with the essential tools to navigate the music industry.

From marketing and branding to financial literacy and networking, artists gain comprehensive business acumen that empowers them to thrive.

Balancing Creativity and Business

At ANYxMEANS, we understand that artists need more than just music skills. Our program balances mindfulness, creativity, and business acumen. Ensuring that artists are not only skilled creators but also savvy entrepreneurs. This holistic approach is the key to a sustainable, fulfilling career.

Graduate Ready for Success.

Upon completing our program, artists emerge with a completed music project that reflects their essence and a ready-to-launch sales system. This system empowers artists to generate revenue from their craft while maintaining artistic integrity. Our graduates are not just skilled musicians – they are empowered entrepreneurs ready to take the music industry by storm.

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